Monday, July 13, 2020

Rehab Stage 4 Week 1

Bored of rehab posts? So am I. The good news is that I’m back at work today after over a month away from the office. I finally got my negative results last Thursday. It’s going to be a rough road to clean up and catch up from the loss but hopefully things will smooth out for the rest of the year. I'm at a pretty substantial deficit business finance wise for the year. Thankfully when I started I had some awesome advice to ave 6 months of bills up in case of these types of things and I remained very frugal until I did just that. While this year has been trying, I'm still solvent for now.

Last week we upped the ride to include three 3 minute trot sets with 5 minute walk breaks between and remaining at 30 total minutes of riding. The added trot work did make the time go by faster which is nice. I’m tired of walking and so is Eeyore. 

Trying to snack during rehab walking. 

The entire week I focused on remaining in front of my leg and moving forward at all times. He has been in his dressage bit for a while now and it honestly just pisses me off when he is in it so I had a come to Jesus ride on him mid week. 

The rule was simple: you may not under any circumstances lay on my hands. Nope. No sir. Never. I have zero interest in carrying your big fat head. That’s your job and you must do it. 

I played around a lot on how to accomplish this. At first I ignored his head, remained sitting tall and booted his ass forward. He didn’t stop though and soon my back was screaming at me as I fought a constant 1500 pound pull forward. Guess it was a good core work out though.  I moved to a different plan. Trainer AB had me lift my hands and jiggle the bit to get him to lift his head in the past. It works, but not for very long. 

Eeyore was gifted a large fan for the summer. I LOVE it. One of the best purchases ever. Not only is he no longer sweaty standing in his stall, but after a ride I can put him in front of it for him to cool out without needing a bath every time. 

When ignoring his head failed, I reverted to doing what Trainer AB said before and kept at it. At first it was like every 2 freaking strides but eventually he started holding his head up on his own longer though never long enough for my liking. 

When the final trot set arrived I worked on my two point and ho boy did that piss someone with a rotund orange butt off. Sheesh. While up in two point he had no possible way to lean against me without tripping over his chin. Hehehehe. Served him right. It really didn’t take long before he gave up and held his head up himself. 

New boots. So far I am really like them and they have yet to rotate like the Woof boots tended to do.

The very next day I came out again and immediately began the first trot set in two point to reinstall the idea that he has to hold his own head up cuz I’m not there to do it for him. Pissy laid back ears and some major tail flipping later and when we trotted the second set with me posting homeboy held his own darn head up just fine and has remained significantly improved since then. 

Like I tell Wyatt all the time: why must you make life harder than it needs to be?


  1. I'm glad to hear your Covid test is negative! And poor Eeyore, having to hold his own head. You are just torturing him, lol.

    But really, I kind of love how horses are just giant human toddlers. You can give them the easy path and they will ignore it FOREVER unless you stand firm with boundaries. Good job!

    1. They really are. Its a struggle to make him realize that my way is the easier way even if he thinks it isn't.

  2. I love the “must you make life harder” quote! I tell my horse “deal with it” all the time! Glad you’re back working, rescheduling all those patients will be tough.

    1. Its going to be pretty busy for a while as we get caught up but thankfully I have amazing patients and they are super understanding.

  3. So pleased your test was negative, i really hope you can get things back on track with your business.

    I'm pleased you're being so productive with your rehab time, sounds like you're making some excellent progress.

    1. Trying to make the most out of walk and short trot work. I really miss lessons and could use eyes on the ground to help. Hoping to get the clear to canter end of this month and then I'l start flat lessons again

  4. If I had a quarter for every time I said to Carmen: "we've spent more time arguing about it then it would have taken to just do it" I'd have a solid amount of money for lessons.
    Irish used to lean a lot on my hands. I found the best approach was to keep the outside rein and drop the inside for a second. It's impossible to lean on just one rein.

  5. I'm so happy to hear that you got a negative test and can get back to work. That must've been pretty stressful for you. Good to hear that you are getting lots of rehab rides in though!