Monday, August 31, 2020

Virtual Tevis Week 4: Robinson Flat And Beyond

 Life is not slowing down at all around here and I'm worn out. 

Last week's Tevis attempt didn't go as planned. We managed two walks in the neighborhood at night but the second one was cut way short when our neighbors ambushed us and held us hostage for over an hour. I've managed to not meet any neighbors except those at the top of our property for nearly 3 years now and have lived in blissful solitude this entire time. Yeah, I know I'm real nice like that but folks, I'm naturally introverted and spend all my day small talking with strangers and it wears me out mentally. At night all I really want to do is throw my ear buds in and lose myself in the effort of walking and trying not to embarrass myself by singing out loud to my favorite tunes. 

No hiking pictures this week. Instead here is Fluffzilla after his grooming appointment Friday. He always comes back looking like a different dog

Anyway...walking the same route at nearly the same time must have caught the attention of the neighbors in the neighborhood nearby and one night last week as we went down the hill out came a neighbor lady nearly running to stop us. At first I though something was wrong but nope....she wanted to be nosy and started asking all sorts of not really her business questions like what animals do we have, what do we do on the farm, what upgrades are we planning, oh you own a medical practice...are you is a laundry list of my qualifications...sure you aren't hiring...etc...Just as I thought we were going to extricate ourselves from this encounter another neighbor showed up with his wife and everything started over again. 

Meanwhile, my extroverted and much more friendly husband was having the time of his life chatting it up with the men who weren't using it to gather data or try to get a job. Sigh. By the time we finished it was dark and past Wyatt's bed time so the walk was cut way short.

We managed to catch back up on Saturday though with a relaxing 5 mile urban hike in downtown. We hadn't been to the city since before COVID started back in March. Wyatt rode his bike along the urban trail between downtown city center and the zoo. The weather was gorgeous if a bit hot still.

Stopping for sushi while on a hike is never a bad thing

By the end of the week were were sitting at 42 miles and had made it past the first vet check hold at Robinson Flat. I had hoped to make it to the half way point, but this is proving more challenging than I thought since Wyatt has returned to school. Still we are 11 miles up on the bare minimum so I am pleased with that. 


  1. oh my gosh i am the worst at lengthy neighborly questions haha, much prefer the polite smile-n-nod, quick exchange of pleasantries while continuing right on along my merry way haha....

    1. I don;t mind a hello, have a nice day bu please don't stop me for over an hour. I have things to do!

  2. Please send sushi... in return, I will send you my neighbors who almost never do more than wave out a car window as they drive by.

    1. Sounds like the perfect exchange. Takosushi has the BEST sushi plus tacos. Can't think of a better place to eat.