Monday, October 26, 2020

2020 Virtual Tevis COMPLETED!!!!!

Folks, I’m so stinking proud of my kiddo. The original event was 100 miles in 100 days though they have now extended it into January I believe. Still, I wanted to stick to the original event hoping to do it before the end of October.

Our finish line photo taken yesterday after a very misty/rainy 4.8 miles

We had gotten some good early miles in during August when the weather was behaving and school wasn't in session yet. Things got a bit trickier once school started, but we managed when we could and kept at it. 

Just over the 100 mile mark in 86 days. 

Wyatt was a trooper and logged every single mile with us. He biked about half of it and walked/hiked the other half. 

It was a really fun family activity and got us all out being more active when some days we probably would have opted for the couch instead. In fact, I'm a little bummed that the challenge is now over. There are a ton of virtual challenges out there right now though, so I am already researching others to join. Who knows - maybe one day Wyatt will have a whole collection of completion medals to look back fondly on.


  1. Very cool!! Good job on getting those miles in as a family!!! I keep meaning to sign up for a virtual challenge to help get me out of the door. It would be fun to do one as a group or something!

    1. Ooooh! A blogger group would be so much fun. I could probably even come up with a prize or something within the group. If you want to get something put together let me know!

    2. I'm in! I need some motivation to get my butt moving more. :-)