Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Trying Something New

Eeyore has continued to be his original annoying self which is less than ideal. It is due to a combination of factors. First, I got rid of Fat Camp because I abhor it. Picking through the grass is an absolute chore and I Hates it. Since Eeyore does well stalled and Gem does well out with a muzzle, I made the executive decision to say screw the hours of picking poop in tall grass and now Eeyore stays in his stall overnight. He really doesn’t mind, but it does mean he is super well rested. Second, he is getting, albeit slowly, more fit. A more fit Eeyore can be a bit of an asshat. Last, I haven’t been riding as consistently again. Trainer has canceled out on the last several lessons for various reasons, the weather has been on and off wet and my only other consistent riding day (Friday) has been taken up with the kiddo’s new electric guitar lesson. Eeyore does the best with a two day on/1 day off schedule and I haven’t been making that happen. All those things combine to give me the Eeyore I currently have. 

Our spinach is coming in nicely. I was able to pick enough to add fresh spinach to the shrimp scampi I made for dinner Monday night. It was delicious. 

When I went to ride Tuesday knowing my lesson would yet again get canceled today due to a really crappy forecasted 50F and rain (it has been sunny and in the low 80sF) I wasn’t really wanting to fight my horse. That isn’t fun. Or productive. Instead I recalled Michelle’s latest post about her lesson on Remus where the new instructor had her riding on the buckle. 

I thought “why not?” as Eeyore was laying all 1500lbs in my hands. I know he baits me into a pulling war to get his way. I know that dropping the inside rein when he tries that has helped in the past, so why not try this?

It wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies like with Remus. We weren’t gloriously riding around calm and sane and amazing. But we also weren’t fighting each other any longer either. Amazing how you can’t play tug of war with yourself. 

Wyatt ended up being the youngest person in the world to complete the non rider division of the virtual Tevis. I’m so proud of him. 

I did lose his nice trot an awful lot. Eeyore loves to canter. It is his go to when he is celebrating, when he wants to get out of actual work, when he is pissy and not in the mood etc...We were trotting along with him trying to pull me out of the saddle when I dropped the reins down to the buckle. He nearly tripped on his nose. Things were actually going really nicely for a couple circuits of the arena until he realized I couldn’t half halt his ass into oblivion every time he started to think about cantering so he cantered. I tried to use my seat to bring him back to a trot but yeah...not good enough for that. Instead I picked the reins back up and got him back into a trot then returned to the buckle and tried again. 

Again we’d go nicely for a bit until he cantered again. Repeat. A lot. A whole freaking lot. 

But you know what? Even though it wasn’t perfect it was still 1000x better than going around like we were. I’m glad I tried it. I’m glad Michele wrote about it. I’m super interested to see how it impacts us next time I ride him which hopefully will happen sooner than later.