Wednesday, June 9, 2021

It Is Official. The Saddle Gots To Go.

Eeyore can give side eye in western tack too

If I had any doubts about selling the BC Wexford saddle, last night put them to rest quickly. 

I’ve been eyeing an Advantage saddle (same brand as Gem’s) that’s sorta kinda not really for sale but available in the right circumstances as a potential trail saddle for Eeyore for the summer. After emailing back and forth with the maker this particular saddle is really similar in tree shape as Gem’s so I decided to ride him in Gem’s to see how it would work for us before purchasing a non returnable item. 

I like him in the western style headstall without a nose band.

And while the saddle won’t work for us, it was eye opening how amazing he felt in it and the amount of shoulder movement he had. At first he started off a bit tense and tentative but once he got moving I could tell he felt so much better. 

His canter felt amazing especially to the right which hasn’t felt quite right since his injury last spring. I always wondered if something wasn’t right still but after riding in this saddle I can tell you it wasn’t him - the Wexford no longer fit him either. 

I went to a small local western tack shop to look at saddles. I have this thing where I feel super awkward not buying from small shops especially if I’m the only one there and the owner is working. So I went to Pops and it was tiny and the owner was there and I was alone. I didn’t really like any saddles but I felt bad not buying anything. That’s how I ended up with the headstall. 

Any reservations I had lingering about selling the saddle are now gone. I have zero idea what I’ll get next but the Bliss by Loxely is high on my list thanks to all you folks. In the meantime I’m also looking for the right western based endurance saddle to spend the summer on the trails with. Being back out there has rekindled my old flame.  We shall see where this goes. I don’t plan on ditching jumping as I do really enjoy that too which means I’ll still need a basic jump type saddle as well. Looks like a lot of budget saddle shopping is required.

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