Tuesday, July 6, 2021

What The Garden Has Taught Me

Mindless repetitive tasks soothe a busy mind.

The sunflowers have brought goldfinches to the yard. The beautiful little yellow birds brighten my day

It is possible to be both too patient and too impatient.

In my effort to try to make sure things are ripe before I pick them, I tend to wait too long. Some plants I am better at judging when to harvest and allow to finish ripening on my counter, others like the above okra, I wait too long. 

If you think you have watered enough, double it and you may be almost there. 

Zucchini is the dandelion of the vegetable world. 

So. Much. Zucchini

Growing vegetables will teach you how to cook. 

Sautéed the okra with garlic, onion and fresh picked tomatoes. 

Growing vegetables will also lead you to finding long lost family recipes. 

Not my Grandmother's zucchini bread recipe. After speaking two several family members we finally tracked down her long lost recipe book and now I have it. 

Zucchini brownies are just as bad for you as regular ones, only not as tasty. 

Moist and delicious, but not as delicious as zucchini free brownies

Rainy days are the best days of summer. 

Baked a fresh blackberry pie with berries picked from out behind the barn. A great way to spend a rainy afternoon

Always mark your plantings even if you don’t think they will grow. 

I threw seeds out and didn't mark them because I had no hope they would grow. Now I have a mystery pepper that I have been told is a chili pepper (pick while green) and a cayenne pepper (wait until turns red). I'm doing it both ways and will see how it tastes.

Either deal with chemicals or deal with bugs. I prefer the bugs.

These have all been mostly bug free. The cabbages were covered in moth larvae and the okra in ants. I'd rather pick them off than coat things in chemicals so organic farming it is. 

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