Friday, October 29, 2021

Caught in the Act

There have been a few instances of late of the horses getting out of the pasture. It has always included Eeyore but since he has been with me more 3 years with no prior offenses I stuck up for him. I blamed Hamilton since this started after he came back from the trainer this summer. I thought maybe he was running Eeyore through the fence. 

Then Gem, Eeyore and Hamilton were found running amok last weekend at o dark thirty. The pasture gate was wide open. The last person to close it was the Hubs so I blamed him for not paying attention and leaving the gate open. 

Well….I was getting ready for work this morning and received the following text from the Hubby…

Yes, Hubs calls Hamilton Hamstring. It is better than what he calls Eeyore.

I had left the horses in the barn overnight to give them a break from the cold downpour that had started in the afternoon and was slated not to end until this afternoon. I know that stall was closed and latched.

Guess I owe both Hamilton and Hubby an apology. 


  1. Oh EEyore. Always keeping you on your toes. he's like an evil villain. but one that's cute.

    1. He is soooo lucky he is cute and a blast to ride. And that he found a sucker like me to land with.

  2. Replies
    1. Poor Hamilton getting blamed for Eeyore's shenanigans.