Thursday, December 30, 2021

A Living Meme


Step 1: Get Gem. 2009

Step 2: Retire Gem and get Eeyore. 2018

Step 3: May as well get Hammy. He needs a lot of TLC and is the polar opposite of Eeyore so that will be nice. 2020

Step 4: I’m done. I have all that I need. A batshit crazy jump horse who exhausts me 10 minutes into a ride. A sloth who I could sit on for days and never tire of. Seems perfect. 

Step 5: The horse I had wanted before but sold mere hours before I put in an offer comes back up. The seller personally messages me giving me first right of refusal before going public. Figure it was fate and who am I to tempt fate? Get Leonard with no amount of common sense or plans. 2021


  1. Congratulations! Looking forward to hearing all about him!

  2. Sounds exciting! You have a full quiver now in the horse department. Can't wait to read more about him in future posts. Congratulations.