Monday, December 6, 2021

Hamilton...One Year Later this is a little late as he came home in October 2020 and now it is the beginning of December 2021.  I've been lax in getting actual decent, not stuck in the dusty barn on cross ties, photos. 

When he first arrived, he was emaciated. Not only were his ribs showing, you could sink two fingers between each. His topline was so sunken that I worried he had a spine issue. Lets not forget his complete lack of any butt musculature and the fact he was covered in rain rot and open sores.  

Skin and bones best describes him at this point

I didn't take very many pictures as I honestly didn't want to remember his looking that way. Looking back now I wish I had better shots of just how bad off her was. It was terrible. 

Hard angle to tell but look closely at his back - that is his spine sticking up. It is gross. Poor fellow. 

He was such a good natured guy it broke my heart he had ended up like this. I mean, he last raced in July and this was only October. Did they forget to feed him at all after he last ran?!

Skin funk, rain rot and open sores everywhere. 

Its been a wonderful year with Hammy. He is exactly what I had hoped for. Eeyore can be very mentally taxing. You always have to be on guard with him to keep his toddler antics in line. Under saddle he is a different horse every single ride, full of opinions he isn't afraid to express. I had wanted a horse who would be easier. I still remember my "friend" and fellow blogger who made fun of me behind my back for telling her that I got Hamilton for that very reason. Hammy is exactly that.

On Saturday I took Hammy out for his first time without his track pony, Eeyore, as an emotional support friend. With semi decent lighting plus the ability to get far enough away to snap a full body shot, I was able to snag some pictures to show what he is looking like these day. 

Look at him!!! LOOK. AT. HIM!!! 

Hamilton is Hamilton always and forever. His ground manners are impeccable, he takes new things politely even when hesitant, and beyond some minor baby brain melting moments he has been the easiest horse I have ever been around. 

He hasn't had a bath since he first got here because my wash rack broke. That shine is only from a quick brushing off of the dust.  

I have big plans for this guy which include many, many, many hours spent together. Honestly I can't imagine doing it with another horse.  He continues to show me what Type 1 Fun is all about even at 5 years f age with only having ridden him a literal handful of times. I can't even begin to imagine what he will be like with more time and experience. The sky is the limit with this guy. 

Sigh. I could look at him all day.