Saturday, June 18, 2022

What’s In Your Feed Bucket??

 It’s been a hot minute since I wrote, well anything really, but specifically about horse maintenance around here. I’ll start with feed.

Gem and Pete

Pete running up for dinner

These two are the easiest horses ever. They both get a handful of the ration balancer Tribute Essential K twice daily. They have eaten this for 4 years now and do well on it. Their coats remain shiny and overall they remain on a good weight with it plus all the grass they are on. 

Yum…Pergolide and horse muffin 

Gem does wear a muzzle now during the day and gets it removed over night. She also gets Pergolide in a German Horse Muffin at night which is sorta like a diabetic taking their insulin with a slice of cheesecake, but she eats her pill readily and is doing really well. 

The blandest looking feed ever, but they eat is right up


Hamilton took a bit to settle into his nutrition. He came to us starved and severely malnourished so it took a bit to get him up to snuff. He also melts off the weight with any exertion so what I feed him when he is in full work versus being a fluff in the pasture is different.

Gosh is he dreamy tho

Currently he gets 2 quarts of Triple Crown Complete twice daily with a pump of GutX with his morning meal. He isn’t an ulcer horse but he does crib like a freaking machine even with a collar on, so anything I can do to prevent issues I’m game for. He is a bit chunky at the moment so we keep threatening to switch him to the Tribute but I am ramping back up his exercise so he should drop it quickly.

Much more edible looking


Oh the problem child. He is such a big lanky horse plus he runs patterns around the trees in the pasture for fun so he burns a ton of calories just being Lenny. I’m still not really happy about his condition but I’m trying to be patient. He was skinny when he came 5 months ago and it’s been a bit of a challenge.

Riding is going really well lately since I made the decision to back out of ENs program.

I had the dentist out for everyone and poor Lenny had his mouth destroyed by whoever did him before I got him. His teeth were floated down to the gum line and he really can’t chew a whole lot. Dentist said it will take about 2 years for him to erupt enough to be normal again. I’d love to find that dentist and throttle them.

If we don’t soak this to a mash he spills most of it out of his mouth. Poor guy. 

Currently he gets 2.5 quarts of Triple Crown Complete and 2.5 quarts of alfalfa pellets soaked to a mash twice daily. He gets a pump of GutX in the morning. He isn’t ulcery either and thank goodness he doesn’t crib, but I have it so why not? He just started getting 2 oz of Cool Calories in the evening as I’m just not happy with where his weight is at. I’ll slowly build that up to 4 oz then see how things are.

All horses always have hay available but none eat it much. They are out on pasture with lush grass 24/7. We have 3 pastures we rotate monthly so they stay pretty good year round though this year has been so stinking hot and dry it is starting to burn out a bit. They also have a mineral block in the pasture and an individual one in the stall and use that quite a bit.

I’m happy with 3/4 of the herd and I think given more time and with the new addition of Cool Calories, Lenny will be where I want him at before end of year too.

What about you all? What are you feeding these days? I love to hear about it and learn from others.

Thursday, June 2, 2022


Who do I spy behind me during my Tuesday Night Friday Afternoon lesson?

And who is that he is riding?? 

And why is it that they went through this exercise better than Lenny and I?

Although I did laugh pretty hard when Gem spooked at the plain wood ground pole. It has been 12 years with her. She will go over anything brightly colored, filled, oddly name it. But plain unpainted wood?? Nope. It is why she hated xc so darn much. All that bare wood.

So now my Tuesday Night private lesson is a Friday Afternoon group with my kiddo and you know what?? It is my absolute favorite thing in the entire world. You couldn't convince me not to participate in this for all the money, ribbons or more advanced lessons in the Universe.