Thursday, June 2, 2022


Who do I spy behind me during my Tuesday Night Friday Afternoon lesson?

And who is that he is riding?? 

And why is it that they went through this exercise better than Lenny and I?

Although I did laugh pretty hard when Gem spooked at the plain wood ground pole. It has been 12 years with her. She will go over anything brightly colored, filled, oddly name it. But plain unpainted wood?? Nope. It is why she hated xc so darn much. All that bare wood.

So now my Tuesday Night private lesson is a Friday Afternoon group with my kiddo and you know what?? It is my absolute favorite thing in the entire world. You couldn't convince me not to participate in this for all the money, ribbons or more advanced lessons in the Universe. 


  1. Sharing horses with family is a singular pleasure. Lots of fun and memories to be had there for you.

  2. I envy you riding with your son. I couldn't get either of my kids interested. :)