Saturday, June 18, 2022

What’s In Your Feed Bucket??

 It’s been a hot minute since I wrote, well anything really, but specifically about horse maintenance around here. I’ll start with feed.

Gem and Pete

Pete running up for dinner

These two are the easiest horses ever. They both get a handful of the ration balancer Tribute Essential K twice daily. They have eaten this for 4 years now and do well on it. Their coats remain shiny and overall they remain on a good weight with it plus all the grass they are on. 

Yum…Pergolide and horse muffin 

Gem does wear a muzzle now during the day and gets it removed over night. She also gets Pergolide in a German Horse Muffin at night which is sorta like a diabetic taking their insulin with a slice of cheesecake, but she eats her pill readily and is doing really well. 

The blandest looking feed ever, but they eat is right up


Hamilton took a bit to settle into his nutrition. He came to us starved and severely malnourished so it took a bit to get him up to snuff. He also melts off the weight with any exertion so what I feed him when he is in full work versus being a fluff in the pasture is different.

Gosh is he dreamy tho

Currently he gets 2 quarts of Triple Crown Complete twice daily with a pump of GutX with his morning meal. He isn’t an ulcer horse but he does crib like a freaking machine even with a collar on, so anything I can do to prevent issues I’m game for. He is a bit chunky at the moment so we keep threatening to switch him to the Tribute but I am ramping back up his exercise so he should drop it quickly.

Much more edible looking


Oh the problem child. He is such a big lanky horse plus he runs patterns around the trees in the pasture for fun so he burns a ton of calories just being Lenny. I’m still not really happy about his condition but I’m trying to be patient. He was skinny when he came 5 months ago and it’s been a bit of a challenge.

Riding is going really well lately since I made the decision to back out of ENs program.

I had the dentist out for everyone and poor Lenny had his mouth destroyed by whoever did him before I got him. His teeth were floated down to the gum line and he really can’t chew a whole lot. Dentist said it will take about 2 years for him to erupt enough to be normal again. I’d love to find that dentist and throttle them.

If we don’t soak this to a mash he spills most of it out of his mouth. Poor guy. 

Currently he gets 2.5 quarts of Triple Crown Complete and 2.5 quarts of alfalfa pellets soaked to a mash twice daily. He gets a pump of GutX in the morning. He isn’t ulcery either and thank goodness he doesn’t crib, but I have it so why not? He just started getting 2 oz of Cool Calories in the evening as I’m just not happy with where his weight is at. I’ll slowly build that up to 4 oz then see how things are.

All horses always have hay available but none eat it much. They are out on pasture with lush grass 24/7. We have 3 pastures we rotate monthly so they stay pretty good year round though this year has been so stinking hot and dry it is starting to burn out a bit. They also have a mineral block in the pasture and an individual one in the stall and use that quite a bit.

I’m happy with 3/4 of the herd and I think given more time and with the new addition of Cool Calories, Lenny will be where I want him at before end of year too.

What about you all? What are you feeding these days? I love to hear about it and learn from others.


  1. no more jumping lessons? my easy keeper is on mostly hay. he gets a handful of sugarfree mixed grains with his dose of fish oil and selenium. i bring him out to graze grass whenever i can in the summer. With that and average 8 hours of work per week, he is at a body score of 6/10

    1. No lessons at the moment. I’m trying to get in with another trainer. EN is a lovely person but her focus is on building a resume of showing clients as quickly as possibly and I felt like we were being pushed into technical stuff we weren’t ready for and it was frazzling Leonard who is generally an amenable, fun loving guy. Ever since taking a step back he has returned to his happy go lucky self.

  2. Gwyn is as easy keeper as they come thanks to the part draft and appy parts of her. Most of her food just timothy fed throughout the day. Because it's PNW, space is at a premium so she's effectively in a dry lot and once it dries out will have a 2 hour rotation in the grass pastures.

    I feed a timothy pellet that she really only gets so she doesn't throw a fit when other horses get grain, and top dress it with California Trace Plus. Ever since I've started the CalTrace I have effectively eliminated the shelly hoof she had when we were in Michigan. Simple and it works for her for now. When it stops working, I'll change it up :)

    1. I find horse management in different parts of the country very interesting.

  3. Neither of mine are ‘easy’ in that Irish tends towards being skinny and Carmen fat. They are both on a product called Fibre Nuggets. It’s essentially hay and vitamins and you can feed it as a hay replacer. I like that can feed it soaked or not. Irish is also on a senior feed. Carmen gets the FN for all three feeds and Irish just gets the soaked feed at night so I can sneak in his vitamins. Carmen is also on vitamins because her feed ration is too little to give her what she needs. Both also get Mag Oxide because our hay amd grass is deficient in magnesium.
    Both are on pasture in the spring-fall period.

    1. It is hard when both are so different. Finding even barely ok hay around me is so difficult. I am glad we rarely feed much of it.

  4. Blue Seal Sentinel Performance LS has a higher fat content than anything else on the market and is easily digested and safe to feed in larger quantities. I've used it and free choice hay to fatten up dozens of horses without breaking the bank. Feel free to PM me if you want to chat. I hesitate to give advice since I don't know everything but thought this was worth mentioning.

    1. I'm working closely with my vet and dentist to get the best plan safely for Leonard. I'll ask them about the Blue Seal. I haven't heard of that and am always up to learn about a new feed. Thankfully I don't have any picky eaters so hopefully don't need a laundry list of options, but it is always good to have a back up plan. I wonder if anyone around me even stocks it.

  5. Mine is way too complicated to list here (no one even eats the same brand of feed...), after all, no one eats the same thing! But, I should do a post of my own. Maybe I'll actually take pictures when I put buckets together tonight.