Monday, July 4, 2022

Blog Hop: 20 (Very) Random Questions

 I got this idea from Amanda at Breed Ride Event, but I think it came from another blog I wasn't aware of but will now look up and binge read. I'm not sure I'm the right person to go through these since I am pretty boring and cheap...but we will see. 

1: What is one of your favorite brands specifically for your horse, and why?

I find myself nearly always pleased with Absorbine products. Gemmie loves the lineament rinse after a bath, the hoof products have done wonders for Hammy's dry hooves and I just really have no complaints on anything I've used by them. 

2. If you were given a gift card for a tack shop with unlimited funds, what would you buy first?

New grooming supplies. I have one brush that I actually like. The others are decade old cheapo brushes. I'd love to get some really, really good brushes but they are so pricey and mine work that I never get myself to put them in the cart. 

Hamilton and Leonard love the pond access in the lower pasture. Unfortunately it’s been so hot and dry that their small portion is mostly now mud. 

3. What horse event/clinic do you really want to audit or participate in? (Events like Equine Affaire, or the LRK3DE, or even local events, etc)

Tevis. It isn't really spectator friendly but seeing the trails, feeling the atmosphere, gawking at all the various tack set ups. Oh it would be grand.

4. What is something your horse has taught you that you didn’t expect to learn?

Hmmm...Lenny is doing his best to teach me to quit being so Type A about cuts, scratches and dings. Gem never was hurt. Never even a scratch to worry about. If Leonard comes in for a meal not bleeding from some new area, it is a miracle  

Hamilton is teaching me to be more firm. Not mean or unfair. Just to say what I mean and then hold him to it. Since I tend to be more of a push over type rider, this is a big change. It is paying off though.

5. If you could take your horse anywhere, right now, to do anything, where would you go and what would you do?

I’d take Hamilton to the Big Horn 100 out west. It’s my dream ride.

Leonard. I don’t know. Really I’d just love to go to any schooling show in the area and see how we do.

6. What are your favorite colors to put on your horse? (think saddle pads, tack colors, browbands, etc.)

Hamilton looks really good in a dark forest green or royal blue. Right now all his stuff is green.

Leonard is harder for me to figure out. You’d think being grey he’d be super easy but I have yet to find a color that I really like on him. Red seems to be the best bet but that was Gemmie’s color so I’m looking for something else. He may just end up with black.

Explored a small town about 90 mins from us. A large building had small, DIY type booths with all sorts of neat items. Smack in the middle was a tack store! Snagged new halters to everyone.

7. What is your least favorite equestrian brand?

Stubben. I boarded Gem and Pete with a rep for almost a year and sat in dang near every single model they had at the time. I hated them all. It always feels like I am sitting 100’ above their back with too much stuff between me and them plus I fight a chair seat in them. Thinking maybe it was only Gem they didn’t work with and having Trainer AB push Stubbens, I tried again with Eeyore and Hammy and had the same thoughts so it isn’t a horse thing.

8. If you could change one thing about your discipline, what would it be?

I don’t really have a discipline at the moment. Endurance is great mostly the way it is. I’d love way less cheating on the international level but that’s probably any major sport. Eventing was pretty fun though I’m not really brave enough for it and the shows were hella expensive. 

9. Did you grow up in an ag/equestrian familiar family, or are you the first person in your family to step foot in a barn?

My Aunt and Uncle got me into horses. They had a farm 2 hours south of us and I’d spend every minute I could with them. May mum and dad are not animal people though my mum has ridden Gem on a trail ride once.

10. Do you like the bit that is in your horse’s mouth currently or do you want to try a new one?

Sure. Both Lenny and Hammy go in a French link full cheek snaffle. I don’t really know enough to tinker too much and they both listen well enough for where we are at to not worry about changing at the moment. EN wants me to up Lenny’s bit to a happy mouth two ring elevator but I don’t think I want to do that just yet. Sure he sometimes gets rushy and blows me off, but I don’t think it’s a bit issue. I think it is more of a pushed him too hard to fast issue and by slowing things down we will get there quicker than by upping the leverage.

Stumbled into an antique store and found this awesome horse stick. No clue what year it is from but for $25 I could t pass it up. The wither piece has a tiny level in it and there is a hinge to fold it in half. I used it in Leonard and he is a true 17.1H

11. If you could change one thing about your horse, what would it be?

Hamilton has a great big “I don’t wanna” in him and can throw a major temper tantrum when he doesn’t get his way. He will probably grow out of it, he is only freshly 6, but it would be nice if maybe he wasn’t so opinionated about having to work. His work ethic is pretty shitty.

Leonard would be great if he would stop always injuring himself in stupid ways being silly in the pasture. Oh and if he could hold onto weight a bit easier too.

12. What is one thing about horses you are weirdly obsessed with? (i.e wrapping techniques, footing, grooming, hair care, clippers, saddles, etc)

Saddle fit. Coming from endurance it always blows my mind when pretty much every other discipline follows a “good enough” fit rule. My non endurance friends and trainers all think I’m too picky but in endurance the fit can kill your whole ride. Having a saddle that is too wide and just using a pad to make it fit somewhat better drives me insane. 

13. What is the most advanced horse you have ever ridden, or what is the most advanced move for your discipline you have done?

Hmmm…none really. I’ve only really ridden my Aunt’s trail horses, Gem, and now the OTTB boys. 

14. What is your favorite type of reins?

No idea. I don’t like braided ones. I hated the biothane ones because they got super slippery when wet. I currently use rubber nubby ones which are ok. 

15. What are you a diva/stickler about in terms of equipment quality?

Fit. I like a saddle that fits perfectly, pads that don’t stick out super weird, bridles that sit nicely without being bulky. I don’t buy high end stuff and I don’t care how much something cost. I just want it to fit.

Sneak peek at the best part of my holiday weekend

16. What is your favorite barn hack you learned?

None that I can think of.

17. What is your least favorite piece of equipment and why?

Boots. All the lower leg boots hold heat in and newer studies show how damaging that can be to the tendons. I get that you have to do what you have to do and Eeyore wore them to protect his legs from another impact injury, but I think most people use them just because they are pretty or popular without having an actual purpose to them.

18. If your horse was a character from a Disney movie, who would they be?

Sorry, but I haven’t watched Disney in ages and have no idea who I’d pick. If Marvel counts, since Disney now owns them, Hamilton is most like the reborn teenage form of Groot. Sullen, doesn’t want to work but steps up when he needs to and is a really good guy deep down. 

Leonard would be Spider-Man: goofy, tried his best even though a lot of it sorta goes sideways, everyone’s best friend and really awkward.

19. If you could change one thing about the property you are at right now with your horses, what would it be?

Oh man. Well, we’ve done most of the major stuff on the list including putting in brand new three board wood fencing in place of the old electric tape around every pasture. The barn is coming along nicely with the only major project remaining being new stall fronts but that is just an aesthetic thing not a functional one so may never get done.

20. What is the purchase that you regret in the horse world?

The 3 Horse slant trailer I purchased in November 2020 and recently sold. Hamilton barely fit nose to tail in it and there was no way I could hang a hay bag for him. Lenny is even bigger and I wasn’t even about to try him in it. I haven’t figured out a good solution yet. I’d likely need a 4 horse head to head or a 2+1 but holy cow are those things huge. 


  1. Ooh, this is a fun one. I might have to steal this!

  2. I commend you for giving the blog hop a go. I've been thinking about participating, but some of the questions have me stumped as to how I would answer. I've seen the responses from Anxiety at A, Fat Buckskin in A Little Suite, BreedRideEvent, and now here. I've probably missed others though. It is fun to see different bloggers' takes on the same questions. Nice measuring stick, by the way. I like those for accuracy. Your Leonard is a big boy!

  3. I would love to find that measuring stick! A friend has one and I covet it in the worst way.